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Import/Export Services

North Dundas Chamber of Commerce has now partnered with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to provide a fast, easy and effective way to obtain Certificates of Origin and other document certification services.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce uses an online platform called TradeCert that allows clients to apply for Certificates of Origin and other documents from the comfort of their office.

TradeCert offers two options:

  1. Full Service: the CCC will print however many colored copies you need of the CO, packing list and invoice and affix their ink signature and stamp on the documents and courier it to you.
  2. DIY: once submitted, the CCC will approve the documents, including a digital signature and stamp. Clients will then receive an email that their documents have been approved and are ready to print. You can then login to your account and print however many colored copies you need from your computer.

To access this service, you must be a member of a local chamber that is a CCC member. Join here.

In order to get you signed-up and to create your account, the CCC will need a few documents completed:

  1. A letter of waiver
  2. Proof of business registration issued by either the federal or provincial government that’s dated within the last two years; can be either a notice of assessment, recent business license renewal, certificate of incorporation, etc.
  3. Proof of origin for the items you’ll be exporting (see list of accepted documents attached)

Please email your documents to If you have any questions about setting up your account, please contact:

Daniella Labonne at 

Regional Services Supervisor, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

T: 514.866.4334 (4227) | F: 613.238.7643 |M : 613.240.2504


Today, our Chamber represents the diverse interests of member businesses - from farming to fashion - across a broad spectrum of pursuits operating out of charming villages, busy and burgeoning subdivisions, and a sprawling rural countryside mosaic that quietly bustles with activity just beyond the southern boundary of the Nation's Capital. 




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